Day 1,103

Today brings round three of chemotherapy treatments, and boy am I excited about it. Okay, you’re right, I’m not excited about it at all. I’ll get my first treatment tonight at 9 pm, which is also when the every-two-hour eyedrops begin again. Man, are those awesome. I sympathize greatly with all women who have had to get up every couple of hours to tend to their newborns, though at least you have something (usually) adorable to hold – I just get a nurse of varying degrees of attractiveness, and if I tried to hold him/her, I’d likely get arrested and have an angry wife to deal with.

The one upside to this hospital stay is that there’s supposed to be a decent amount of baseball for me to watch. Unfortunately, the Texas Rangers are threatening to end the American League Championship Series pretty quickly, so I’m going to need Detroit to buck up and make this thing go six or seven games. If Texas wins today and tomorrow, I’ll be stuck watching Golden Girls. Go Tigers.

In other news, my brother is making a trip out to North Carolina next week, and it will be fun having him around. His only previous trip to Winston was for our wedding, so we might just ask a bunch of you to rent tuxedos and come hang out in order to make him feel comfortable. I’ll have to run that by Amy first, though – don’t show up uninvited in a tuxedo until you get the okay.

I’ll close with a quick hair update. It’s kind-of sort-of growing back, and it’s now reached the “13-year-old’s mustache” level of thickness, but there’s enough there that I was able to convince Amy that I don’t look so horrible that she needs to shave it off immediately. We’re going to try and power through and hope it starts growing out a bit thicker as we go forward, though we’ve also been told that this chemotherapy regimen will probably slow it down. If that does happen, my guess is that Amy will eventually break down and demand that we shave it back to nothingness. She’s started to like the no-hair look, but she’s not such a big fan of this in-between stage. Thankfully, I have my winning personality to fall back on during these times when my ravishing good looks fail me.

More delirious sleep-deprived writing coming tomorrow. I can feel your excitement growing from here.

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1 Response to Day 1,103

  1. Praying for you both. My heart is broken that you have to go through this so young,..but I am so encouraged by your candor and wit through it all. The courage you demonstrate in your writing is truly wonderful.
    I thanked God and prayed for you and Amy when we were at MS@WS and we certainly thank God and pray for you now. Be strong and of good courage young Dave & Amy… I was certainly never one of the ‘cool crowd’, but Stan and my heart are together in Christ for the collective ‘you’.

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