Day 1,132

Since it has been a few weeks since we last posted, we have a few medical updates for you. Dave’s last round of chemotherapy went well, two hour eye drops and all. He didn’t find much time to blog during his inpatient stay, as he was focused on baseball and trying to get some sleep. His hospital stay was followed by a week long visit from his brother, which was great fun. The only other time I have gotten to meet him was the week of our wedding, so it was nice to get to spend some time with my brother-in-law. While Jeremy was in town we also were blessed with a visit from Dave’s Aunt Daisy, Uncle Bo, and Aunt Mary which led to a night filled with laughter, great company, and great food. I must say I knew I was getting an amazing husband when I married Dave, but I didn’t realize I was going to inherit an amazing family as well.

We have now successfully made it through Dave’s house arrest when his counts drop and his risk of infection is high. We stayed out of the hospital and his counts recovered nicely, leukemia free, and he now has 3 weeks of freedom before his last and final round of treatment. And another piece of good news came today when Dave had a repeat CT scan of his lungs to monitor the fungal pneumonia- final report: near complete resolution! Woohoo.

We are so close to being finished now that I feel like I can see the finish line. It is still a distance away but within view, and even though we are weary there is an excitement to finish this part of the journey strong. We know it is not the end of the race, but it is the end of this chapter of the journey. Next year will bring lots of trips to the Cancer Center for blood work and monitoring but we are at peace that the Lord is always going to be for us no matter what life throws at us and we are standing in faith that this remission will be permanent.

My heart is full!

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