Day 1,169

Whack! Thud! Bang! “Oh $!*&”. That was the soundtrack being played at 3:30 in the morning yesterday at Haus Cameron, as I decided that our life needed a little extra excitement. The solution to our boredom? Pass out, hit the hardwoods with a loud crash, and then act unresponsive as Amy tries to wake me back up. Okay, so it wasn’t really acting, and I can’t say too much more about what happened because I legitimately don’t remember anything between hitting the ground the first time and when Amy said she caught me on my second fall after I tried to get up, telling her the whole time that I was okay.

She understandably didn’t take my word for it and decided to call 911. A few minutes later, EMS rolled up and determined that it was unlikely that I had suffered a seizure (Amy’s first concern), but since I couldn’t say for sure whether I hit my head when I fell or not, it was probably in our best interests to go to the ER and get a CT scan of my head. See, when you have no platelets, your blood is unable to clot, so even the smallest cut or bruise can cause significant blood flow, and blood flowing into the brain is not something you really want. Thankfully, the test results showed no reason to be concerned, and as best as I can remember, I landed on my shoulder.

So, the whole event ended up being a lot like Las Vegas – all flash and no substance. We’ve run through a battery of tests the last few days, and all seems to be pretty well at this point. Wednesday’s fever is gone, and besides some sniffles and a dry cough, I feel better than I did earlier in the week. Today’s blood cell count revealed that my neutrophils have gone from 0 to 30 in the last 24 hours (normal is ~1,500, for context), so hopefully by early next week I’ll have enough of those guys to fight off further infections and stay on my feet.

We did get some good news today, however, as Dr. Powell informed us that we’re nearly finished with this twice-weekly check-up schedule. Once my counts return next week, they’ll give me a couple of weeks away from the clinic, and then bring me in for a final bone marrow biopsy in early January. Assuming that one comes back clean, then we’ll go into maintenance scheduling, with visits only required once every 4-6 weeks to confirm that the leukemia hasn’t returned.

As long as I can stay on my feet and not put any more scares into Amy, we’re getting close to being able to live a semi-normal life again. We still have a few years before we can really say that this journey is likely behind us, but we’ve made it through most of the challenging parts of this tunnel, and there is light up ahead. It’s just a really long tunnel.

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4 Responses to Day 1,169

  1. clara says:

    Dave.. you might be the only person I know that has the writing skills… to make passing out sound…. not terrible. Glad the hard part is in the rear view. Praying for your blood cell count to go up and up and up.

  2. Wendy says:

    Yep – I agree with Clara! Love you guys!

  3. I am still praying you will have miraculous blood counts in 28 hours!! Miss you guys- wish we could celebrate with you tomorrow night, but we will have to get together and celebrate soon!

  4. Yikes! Be well… I’m feeling for Amy!

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