Day 1,070

So Dave is a little under the weather today because of the chemotherapy. It does appear the doses are cumulative. The more he gets the more side effects he has. Today it is a rash that has left him itchy and drugged with Benadryl. We think tomorrow will be better and are excited that discharge is now less than 48 hours away.

Last night, while procrastinating going to sleep, I decided to google search “Dave Cameron Leukemia” to see if our blog popped up. I was shocked by the results and quite moved. Being the wife a baseball nerd, I have really let baseball be his job and have never really gotten into it all that much, but the baseball community is amazingly supportive of Dave and this is what I found in my results – below are links to 3 articles written by guys in the baseball community. If you have time to read them they are really encouraging.

A Reminder of What’s Important

Rooting Hard for Dave Cameron

Treating Baseball too Much Like Real Life

Being supported by a community is amazing and we really have experienced that here in Winston Salem. But is it incredible to know our support extends so much further.

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2 Responses to Day 1,070

  1. robertamaran says:

    dave and amy,
    still holding you in my heart and rooting and praying for you to feel really good for a really long time, really soon! Sending love and hugs,

  2. Katie Kost says:

    I’m so touched by how you have impacted people on such a far reaching perspective. It made me wonder today if I’ve used the platform God has provided me to touch lives outside of my own or if I ‘m just living. Know what I mean? I’m so proud of you, David.

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